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What is automatic renewal?

Your policy will automatically renew 12 months after you've bought it. Here's how it works:

  • Your cover will continue without you having to do anything. 
  • We'll send a renewal invite before your policy renews, so you can make any changes. 
  • You can opt out of automatic renewal at any time if you change your mind. 

Don't forget – it's a legal requirement to have motor insurance unless your car has been registered as off the road, so make sure you're always covered. 

Fill out the form to opt out of automatic renewal

Opting out of automatic renewal means you'll need to let us know if you want to stay covered beyond your next renewal date. We'll still send you a renewal invite when it's time to renew.

This form is only for opting out of automatic renewal, not cancelling the policy itself. If you'd like to cancel your policy, call us instead.

If you've got more than one policy with us, you'll need to complete a separate form for each one.

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